Not all students are used to doing their own laundry when on their own. Whether travelling to a foreign country or just out of town to a university, finding a place to do your laundry can be important. Students heading to Florence may be in need of what is referred to as "wash and dry shops". These Laundromat like facilities offer you a way to get your clothing clean, especially if your long term rental does not have a washer and dryer. Long term rentals for Florence students do not always come with the means to wash clothing, so consider some of the nearby Wash and Dry shops in Florence.

Finding the Perfect Place to Do Laundry
Over a dozen wash and dry shops are available around the city of Florence. Some provide less expensive prices that are more affordable to students. Typically, cost is calculated by weight at shops to ensure a fair price is provided. You can throw in all your laundry or perhaps you prefer to learn how to clean your unmentionables in the sink at your 
long term rental. In either case, there are certain aspects of these shops you want to research before choosing from the short list.
Is the shop available with pick-up and delivery? If you have to bring your clothing to the shop how close is your apartment to the location you have chosen? Sometimes it is not about cost so much as it is about convenience. You do not want to cart your laundry around half the city, especially with the metro or bus as your choice of transportation.
What hours are the shops open in your neighbourhood? There are quite a few shops that cater to student hours knowing that you might have night classes and not be able to pick your laundry up till near 10pm. Others close during a lunch hour making it hard to run in during a break between classes.

A Few Wash and Dry Shops
Wash and Dry 
is actually the name of one local Florence location. There are seven shops throughout the city that run all week from 8am to 10pm. There is also Onda Blu that offers the same hours, but it has only two locations in Florence.
Baldini Ennio and Bragani L are two regular wash and dry cleaning shops in which weight is an important factor on the price.
Once you get to Florence or if you are already there speak with your new friends, ask your tenant mates in the same building who they might use, and keep your clothing looking great. Wash and Dry shops often provide discounts to students, so keep that ID handy for a little bit off the weight price.
I would suggest that there are coin operated laundries where washer and dryers are available and other more old fashioned laundries where you leave you clothes and they will even iron them for you though they tend to be more expensive . Very rare to find a laundry that delivers in Italy.

Though many Italian apartments have washers-dryers are extremely rare. It is often handy to take your clothes to the wash and dry in order to use the coin operate dryers after washing them in your washer in your rental apartment. Especially in the winter months Italian housewives have discovered this system so it is also a way to meet Italian friends.

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