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Student Housing in Florence, long term rentals for students

Student accommodation for long term rentals in Florence with monthly rates.



We offer student housing in Florence. Student accommodations and lodging, holiday homes, vacation rentals, apartments and flat rentals for people relocating to Italy. Student housing is available both in Central Florence and in less central and less expensive areas of Florence. We have assisted many students from abroad for many years. We will be happy to assist you as well during your student program in Florence.

 Many accommodations are near the Duomo, close to the monuments and all the tourists attractions and of course also close to the University of Florence.
It is possible to rent a room in a family - family stay, with use of kitchen or with meals provided, this is an excellent way to learn Italian.  

Student studio apartments are available, as well as one bedroom or shared apartments, in which several students in single or double rooms have shared common areas. All the apartments have internet, good heating stystems and are fully furnished apartments. It is possible to pay the rent monthly.

Milligan & Milligan offers all kinds of accommodations in the historical center. From Santa Croce area to Piazza Santo Spirito as well as Fiesole, Piazza Beccaria, Piazza Libertà and of course the Duomo and Piazza Signoria areas.
All lodgings close to the monuments and all the tourists attractions and for students of course we have accommodations available close to the University of FlorencePolimoda University, the FIT Florence program, the California State Florence program, the Studio Arts International, the Gonzaga University, the Syracuse University, the Lorenzo de Medici and many other University programs in Florence. 

 Our staff is also very helpful in case of  problems, emergencies and just dealing with day to day matters and are always available to provide information in English.  

Have a look at our Student housing rentals, our short term rentals and our Long Term rentals in Florence.

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