Whilst enjoying your short term rentals in Florence and the views, the kitchen, and the space you may also wish to sample the cuisine of this enchanting city and region. Tuscany is well known for its amazing cuisine whether it is pasta with Chianti for your beverage or less formal dishes like the peasant dish Lampredotto. This is an historical dish of Florence having been developed in the 15th century for workmen or poor individuals. It became highly popular in the 18th century until it became a staple of Florentine cuisine.

Discovering Lampredotto
Depending on who you ask you might get a different answer for what goes into the workman's sandwich created in the 1400’s. At the time river eel found in the Arno River called Lamprey were very prolific and easy to catch. It was a simple item that could be served up or taken with men during the work day to ensure they did not go hungry.
It was also made with tripe later on due to the resemblance of the eel and the fact that eel started to appear less abundantly. The tripe uses the thin part along with the gala, the fat part and the spannocchia. The gala has a very strong flavour, while the spannocchia has a mild softer taste. Some individuals order sbucciato which is a version without spannocchia; however, true Florentines do not believe this is a true Lampredotto sandwich.Today, most stalls are either going to offer tripe or the fourth stomach of a cow for the meat in the sandwich.
The meat used is cooked with onion, tomato, parsley, and celery. The bun it is served on is dipped in the cooking broth before it is salt and peppered with a little parsley green sauce on it. You can also order it with hot chilli sauce.

Tasting Lampredotto
If you are up for a little taste of Lampredotto, you can visit one of several markets, which offer street stalls selling Lampredotto or at least a version of the Lampredotto. There are at least three markets that you will be able to find Lampredotto at: the Sant Ambrogio, Santo Spirito or Cascine.

Making Lampredotto Yourself
Since you have elected to rent a 
short term apartment in Florence, you can also try your hand at making your own version of Lampredotto. Perhaps you might choose a different slice of meat or be brave enough to try the cow's stomach or tripe. The meat is simmered in broth to ensure it is soft and flavourful from the vegetables mentioned above.

If Lampredotto is not your idea of a Florentine dish to try there are many others given the variety of cheeses, pastas, and mushrooms the Tuscan region offers.

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