Take home more than a degree as a foreign student in Florence. Enjoy taking a smattering of Italian cooking lessons at some of the local Italian Culinary Arts schools or just pick-up a class here and there to learn Italian cuisine. For foreign students looking to make it in the culinary arts, you have plenty of opportunities to choose from. As you consider cooking schools think about Florence long term rentals for students and make certain your school is close enough to your apartment. There are plenty of rental locations for foreign students that ensure you are conveniently located in this amazing Tuscan region.

Divina Cucina
Divina Cucina is operated and lead by Judy Francini. Francini is a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals and Italian Personal Chef Association. She is also a member of Slow Food International with more than 30 years’ experience learning International cuisine. Judy Francini began her culinary arts school in 1988, calling it Mangia Firenze. In order to share her love of cooking, knowledge, and history of cuisine, she opened a school to teach local and international students. Living in Florence she has gained experience and met with other experts showing ideas, recipes, and developing her own style of cuisine which students are able to learn through various programs.
Judy Francini offers day classes, weeklong classes, custom programs, Kitchens of Chianti, Secrets of My Sicilian Kitchen, and many others. The programs are on various days or a day of your choosing if you go with a custom program. It is ideal for Florence students who have a day or perhaps several weeks to learn cuisine while maintaining their course of study at a local university.

Cooking in Florence
This cooking school is one of adventure both in cuisine and how you can learn. It was started by two friends, wishing to share their culinary traditions they learned from their grandmothers. They offer respect to nature's natural cycle with seasonal goods and only organic ingredients are used.Students can take courses on a boat, at home, at your own place, in Florence's city centre, and in Greve at a farmhouse (in the Chianti region). They offer Italian and Tuscan cooking lessons, private classes, table decoration, and an introduction to wine and oil tasting. Lessons are provided at your convenience ensuring it works for students visiting Florence.

Your apartment location might be one of the reasons you choose a certain school over another. As you examine schools in your area ensure the person does have a culinary arts degree and a history of working in restaurants. This makes certain you are gaining proper cooking knowledge to take home after your longterm stay in Florence.

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