To have absolute freedom as a foreign student in Florence, Italy, why not consider a long term rentalFlorence rentals for students are an opportune way to enjoy that freedom and comfort. Surprise your new friends with a party at your place. However, if this does not appeal to you there are several night clubs that cater more to the foreign student.

Club Twenty One
Located in between the Piazza della Signoria and Duomo, this hot spot of Florence focuses on dancing and entertainment. It is easy to find being in the middle of the historic city. 

Yab is a bit more upscale and set up for students with a little funding in their pocket. A glamorous club, you may need to stop at some top designer shops for stunning shoes and a new outfit. It is not too far from Club TwentyOne. It offers a décor of neon blue and white walls. Here you can party with other students listening to hip-hop, pop, and electronic music.

Twice Club
This is a great place for a foreign student because it is highly affordable. It feels upscale, but it offers a friendly atmosphere. Neon lights, glossy floors, and a DJ presents the perfect trio of club ambiance to welcome you and your party goers. Just a few steps off the Piazza Santa Croce it will be easy to reach from your 
rental apartment. It has been named Twice because many tend to stay here without thinking about going home, even a second time. Your worries will just melt away and the fun will really begin.

Space Electronic
Dark, heart pounding, and spacious, Space Electronic is known for bringing the hordes in to dance. A bar with a downstairs lounge creates the ideal location for hanging out, talking, and forming friendships with new friends. If you want the real action like dancing, seeing dancers, and listening to the top music just find the industrial space that is more like a warehouse than a night club.

The Blob Club
Two stories of friendly club entertainment and this is definitely the place for parties in the university seasons. It has been called a "cure for the winter blues" by at least one patron because it is alive and kicking with superb music, dancing, and a cosy dance floor. A variety of Italian hits, pop, old school hip hop, and rock is played by the DJ here.

Whether you wish to enjoy a nightclub for your student parties or simply remain home in your comfortable and affordable apartment, Florence will offer the ambience and fun you desire as a student.

Enjoy a little party now and again before getting back to the serious work of learning at one of the many universities or culinary arts schools that drew you here.

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