Living in Italy with Celiac disease is definitely a challenge.  
The land of Pizza and Pasta  but gluten free! Strangely enough Italy is one of the most avant-garde countries in the world in this field. The National Health System that provides Celiac residents, that have  documented certification  of the diseases, with meal tickets to help cover part of the expense of buying special food products. Many luncheons in schools and larger  work places  cater to  the special dietary needs of their Celiac diners.  More and more bars, pizzeria and restaurants are posting signs “MENU SENZA GLUTINE” or gluten free menu.
There are several food  brands available in supermarkets , my favorite is DS with a good frozen pizza, frozen tortellini, cannelloni and lasagna. Several brands of beer are also available from the Spanish Daura to various German brands. Pasta is available in abundant shapes and sizes with famous spaghetti brands such as Barilla, Risogallo, Gragnano and Le Veneziane…. 

The Italian Celiac association provides its members with a booklet listing SAFE products.

My Favorite Celiac friendly Eateries  in Florence are:
OK Bar 
on Via dei Servi and corner of Via degli Alfani , where Cristina the owner has adapted many of her recipes and always is able to accommodate her  Celiac clientele.
Pizzaman (only their restaurant on Via del Sansovino has celiac food however)  Monday nights they have  a special Celica dinner  and every day Pizza.
CIRO & sons - in Via del Giglio  for a more elegant setting.

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