If you have always dreamed of living under the Tuscan sun, you may have already begun your search for apartments for sale in Florence (Italy). Finding a place to call home in Florence is easily facilitated by local and international real estate agencies. What you choose to do when you arrive is up to you. It is possible to spend a lifetime exploring Florence alone, but why not venture beyond the city walls at your own pace?

Car sharing represents an ideal way to buy your freedom as you need it, without the hassles of ownership. The idea behind car sharing is that you only pay for a car when you plan to use it. If you want to spend just part of a day visiting a nearby village or vineyard, you pay only for the hours that you will need the car. The vehicle is then shared with other drivers who need transportation for their own short-term excursions. This type of car-sharing is simple, fun, affordable and an environmentally-friendly way to drive in Florence and around Europe.Car2GoWith

Car2Go, you can pay by the minute, the hour or the day — whatever suits your plans. At the time of this writing, the service offers 120 minutes for only 29 euros, or 300 minutes for 69 euros. That breaks down to a low cost of only a few cents per minute. By registering with Car2Go, you simply reserve the nearest car online, drive it where you wish, and leave it within the Car2Go operating zone. Cars can be located via the Car2Go website, via Google Maps, or using the Car2Go app. Where you leave the car does not have to be the same as the place where you picked it up, which is a drawback to other car rental services.

Like Car2Go, the ride sharing service called Enjoy empowers visitors or residents of Florence to quickly locate and drive an available vehicle, simply by registering on its website and using its app. Enjoy partners with Italian auto maker Fiat and the Italian train company Italo to provide an ultra-authentic Italian driving experience. Its fleet of stylish Fiats can be rented for as long as you need wheels to carry you over the cobblestone streets of Florence and through picturesque countryside beyond the city. As with Car2Go, Enjoy’s prices are very low: 25 cents per minute in motion for the first 50 kilometers, with an additional 25 cents per mile beyond that. The price for when the car is parked is only 10 cents per minute. These prices include fuel, insurance, maintenance and parking. The Enjoy zone comprises about 56 kilometers around Florence.

The moral of the story? If you are in the market for Florence Italy apartments, you should consider the ways that an affordable car sharing service like Car2Go or Enjoy can enhance your Italian adventure, within and beyond the city limits

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